Five Benefits of A Healthful Lifestyle (And the good health that it gives you)

Every day, we make many choices that have significant influences on our health. We choose between being active and being sedentary. We choose between fast food and nutritious food. We choose between getting enough sleep and not getting enough sleep. Taken together, these choices, and many others, play major roles in determining how healthy we are, and in determining the quality of our lives. 

So, how will your life be better if you choose a healthful lifestyle? Here are 5 powerful reasons:

1. You’ll be able to live life to its fullest.

Living life to its fullest will obviously mean different things to different people, but if your body limits what you can do, then you’re not truly experiencing everything that life offers, and the fullness of life doesn’t have to mean running marathons, going on 100-mile bike rides, or doing any sort of extremely strenuous physical activity.  

Suppose, for instance, that you’re a railroad buff. You love to watch trains. You one of those people who enjoy getting stuck at a RR crossing when a long train passes, and one day, a fellow buff suggests a little trip to see the beautiful Shocks Mill Bridge that crosses the Susquehanna River. 

 You’re initially enthusiastic, but then your fellow train buff explains that you can’t simply drive to a convenient location and see the bridge from a car. To get to the bridge, you’ll have to walk or ride a bike at least a mile and a half from the nearest parking area. Since you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle and carrying some extra weight for years, the thought of that much exertion deters you, and you tell your friend that you won’t be able to make it. 

Your friend, however, enjoys the walk to the bridge and tells you that you’re really missing something spectacular. You realize that your body is preventing you from leading your life to its fullest, and maybe that disappointment will motivate you to develop a more healthful lifestyle.

2. You’ll feel better physically.

Our bodies thrive on movement and activity, whether that means work or exercise. Too much sitting simply isn’t good for our health, and people who sit all day often find themselves feeling very sluggish. Their muscles shorten and tighten. They lose flexibility and mobility. As they age, they may lose bone density, and they become more vulnerable to illness. That’s a major reason why many people whose jobs and lives require a lot of sitting have regular exercise programs. Being physically active will use your muscles and help you feel better in many ways. 

3. You’ll feel better mentally.

There’s a condition known as Runner’s High that results from the release of chemicals called endocannabinoids during a long or intense run, but you don’t have to run to get this feeling of relaxation and even euphoria. Any sort of exercise can produce it, as long as you go long enough or hard enough. People who exercise regularly become so accustomed to releasing their endocannabinoids and feeling good that they consider it their normal state. 

If regular exercisers miss a day or two of activity, they often find themselves feeling lousy, perhaps even cranky or grouchy, and definitely less cheerful than they usually are. So, for a mood booster, get out and get moving. It’s a guarantee that you’ll feel better afterwards. 

4. Healthful activities can be highly enjoyable social activities.

We’re social creatures, and there’s great benefit to sharing healthful activities. You can join a running club or a walking club. You can play in a pickleball league. You can take an exercise class. You can have a community garden where you share your harvest and your ideas with other gardeners. The list of healthful activities that you can share is long, and they’ll all be beneficial in many ways.

5. You’ll set a good example.

If you’re a parent, choosing a healthful lifestyle will set a positive example for your children. If they see you taking care of yourself, they’ll be more likely to do the same. Conversely, children of parents who don’t set a good example for their health are also more likely to develop harmful habits such as smoking

Of course, you don’t have to be a parent to set a positive example. Everybody can serve as a role model for family members, friends, and even co-workers. Imagine that you’re a 60 year-old boss and you invite a 25 year-old employee to do a workout with you. If the youngster can’t keep up, that may inspire her or him to get moving. 

Ultimately, the advantages of a healthful lifestyle outweigh the disadvantages by a score of Many to Zero. If you choose a healthful lifestyle, your life will be better, and you may influence some other people to make some positive adjustments to their own lives.


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