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“I’ve tried everything! All kinds of exercise programs and all kinds of diet programs. EpitomeFit is the only thing that has worked for me!” - Patti S., Member

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A fit and healthy lifestyle is something everyone can achieve. And it doesn’t require super restrictive diet programs or 2-hour gym sessions that leave you too exhausted to live your life. We believe fitness should be a part of your lifestyle and empower you in every aspect of your life.

At EpitomeFit, we take a holistic and personalized approach to fitness. As the only “fitness after 40” specialists in Lancaster, PA, we know working out is about a lot more than how you look — it’s about how you think, feel, and function.

Most importantly, fitness is about helping you become the best version of yourself for you and the people in your life who matter most. That’s the epitome of being fit!

Every session is unique to the individual and tailored to accommodate any injuries or workout goals.

EpitomeFit has expert nutrition advice, and programs that actually help you build muscle and lose weight.

Working out finally feels like it's helping me and not stressing me out.

They're knowledgeable about all things fitness, nutrition, and overall health, and they put you in a position to achieve your goals!

I enjoy every minute of my time at EpitomeFit. They have helped me feel overall more healthy and fit.

I can tell that the trainers here are invested in my success and will go the extra mile to do what is necessary for me to achieve optimal health.

The trainers are always positive and encouraging. No matter your fitness experience, you can grow at EpitomeFit.

The program that EpitomeFit has created for me has improved my health, mobility, stamina, and overall lifestyle.

If you're looking to transform the way you feel and look, EpitomeFit is the best in the business!

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We know that dirty gyms, lack of support, and gym anxiety or intimidation have scared a lot of people away from fitness. That’s why we offer an all inclusive 6 week trial so you can experience EpitomeFit’s unique community and friendly environment!

The 6-Week Fitness Training Trial Membership Includes…

A Starting Point Session

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your personal goals, get to know you better, identify your current fitness level, and design a personal program just for you.

Individualized Fitness Plan

We’ll develop a plan with easy-to-follow movements, sensible nutrition advice, and lifestyle tips to help form healthy habits. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule, goals, and needs all while taking into consideration your current level of fitness.

Personalized Training

An EpitomeFit coach will safely guide you through each session in a private or small group (of up to  4 people) setting, and further tailor your plan to your specific needs and goals.

Unlimited Access

You'll get unlimited access to our supportive community, open gym, boxing and movement arts classes, yoga and restoration classes, as well as our mobile app to ensure you get the results you want and need.

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“Hey, it’s Coach Neo. I’m the Founder and one of the coaches at EpitomeFit. My heart is to help people become the best version of themselves. I started EpitomeFit because I’ve seen how healthy habits and a fit lifestyle can transform people’s lives. I would love for you to be the next person whose life we help transform!”

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If you’ve ever felt like fitness is just out of reach for you, EpitomeFit will help you rid yourself of that lie once and for all. We’re here for you so you can become the best version of yourself. THAT’s what fitness after 40 is all about!