The best way for us to help you get the results you want and achieve the health and wellness goals you have is through our memberships. Each of our memberships include some level of training and coaching in movement, nutrition, and lifestyle. Below are the levels of membership that we offer.

Every membership at EpitomeFit includes the following amenities:

Movement, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching Sessions
Restoration Of Natural Movement Classes
Boxing and Kickboxing classes
Yoga Classes
Biometric Scans
Access to our Exclusive Facility
Access to our cutting edge mobile app


Blueprint Membership

1 ninety minute Private Session/month

For the individual who is looking for our elite programming only. The movement, nutrition, and lifestyle planning personalized to you. A coach will meet with you once a month for 90 minutes and you will be written a new plan for that month that you carry out on your own with us keeping you accountable and coaching you along the way.


Prototype 1 Membership

5 or 12 Small Group Sessions/month

Results are sure to happen when you are working regularly with a coach. This option is for our members who want to work in a small group. Train in groups of up to 4 people with a coach that will help you strategically implement your plan and reach all of your goals. 


Prototype 2 Membership

5 or 12 Private Sessions/month

Personalize your experience further with the ability to work with your coach more extensively. At this level you can enjoy the benefits of privacy in the one on one setting with your EpitomeFit coach. More time and attention from your coach will help you reach your goals even faster.  


Archetype Membership

12 Private Sessions/month +

Our all inclusive and most advanced plan. Constructed with everything and anything you will need to take your health and wellness to the highest height possible. With one on one training, fully customized nutrition, in depth lifestyle coaching, a monthly supplement package, quarterly diagnostics, and more, you are sure to achieve the epitome in your fitness!