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Janet Seirk

"My husband and I work out together at EpitomeFit and really enjoy it! We get a great workout and love seeing the results. It's never boring and we feel safe doing the exercises because EpitomeFit has so much knowledge on how to do things correctly. Highly recommend if you want results without having to go overboard!"

Patti Spencer

"EpitomeFit is very skilled, knowledgeable and committed. I appreciate their ability to customize (and continue to modify) a program for me with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle that has improved my health, mobility, and stamina."

Anne Williams

"I arrived at EpitomeFit in pretty good shape, but I was burned out from other styles of working out and frustrated by chronic knee pain. Because EpitomeFit focuses on mobility and the natural way your body is meant to move, I now experience increased mobility, zero knee pain, and feel overall more healthy and fit."