The Truth About Macros!

The big question always comes up when we talk about nutrition: What % should I put for my macros? Are carbs bad? Should I go low carb "keto" style? Or are fats bad and should I go low fat? And where does protein fall into play here? Let me break it down and make it simple so you don't have to drive yourself crazy trying to calculate this all up.

First off, none of it is bad. Carbs are good and lipids (the real name of what we call fats) are good. They are both just energy sources for the body. And protein is in a class all by itself. The body can use protein as energy but only when there is a lack of carbs, lipids, or stored energy (fat tissues) which you don't want. The primary use of protein is to build new cells, not be used as an energy source.

So what's the truth?

The truth is the focus should be on calories. If you eat too much food you will gain weight. It doesn't matter if that food is highest in carbs, or if it is highest in lipids, or highest in protein.

If you exceed your "maintain" calorie number, you will gain weight. That's the key. Focus on calories. Not low carb, or low lipids, or high protein.

So what is the % for the macros then?

Well, the body only needs about 10%-20% of your daily calorie intake to be protein. Once the body gets what it needs for protein, it has no use for the rest and will either store it as fat tissue or try to expel it.

Now with carbs and lipids, they should make up the other 80%-90% of calories. And depending on your genetics, you could be more of a carb energy burner or lipid energy burner (reach out to me to find out what you are). But all in all, those are your energy sources.

Now say you sat all day and didn't burn a lot of energy in the day but you take in a lot of energy(food), your calories will be above that "maintain" number and you will gain weight. See how it connects together?

So, they key is to either intake less energy(food) or use that energy that you are eating through exercise and movement!

If you need help calculating your calorie number, let us know. Hope that helps clear up some of the confusion.

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