10 More Reasons To Stay Hydrated

Last week we shared 10 health benefits of drinking water. Today we want to share 10 more important reasons to make sure you're staying on top of keeping your hydration levels optimized!

1. Avoiding sugar cravings

One of the benefits of water mentioned in our previous post was the fact that keeping hydrated prevents fatigue and boosts energy. Because of this effect, drinking water will also help to combat those common cravings for sugar. One of the reasons the brain gravitates towards sweets is because they provide a quick hit of energy in the form of sugar. Water will help your body to maintain better energy levels, and avoid some of those sugar cravings. 

2. Waste removal 

The lymphatic system in the body is primarily responsible for carrying certain waste materials through and out of the body via the lymphatic fluid. Maintaining hydration keeps this fluid at its optimal consistency, which helps it to travel through the lymphatic vessels. Dehydration can cause this fluid to become thick and more stagnant, keeping toxins in the body and leading to more chances in infections. 

3. Nervous system function

If the body is dehydrated, it will have an effect on all fluids in the body, including cerebrospinal fluid. Some the the functions of this fluid include protecting the brain and spine, removing waste from the brain and ensuring a healthy nervous system. Unhealthy cerebral spinal fluid can lead to poor coordination, brain fog, and more chances of injury to the brain and spine. 

4. Healthy skin

Water is the ultimate moisturizer for the skin, working from the inside out. It won't matter how much lotion you apply directly to your skin, you wont make a lasting difference to your skin if you are constantly dehydrated. Signs on the skin of poor internal hydration can include itchiness, cracking, dry patches, redness, inflammation, eczema and premature wrinkling. 

5. Headache prevention and treatment

Chronic mild dehydration is  a common trigger for headaches and migraines. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it may be a sign to boost your water intake. Drinks like alcohol, coffee, and sodas all have a dehydrating effect on the body, so when you're drinking those, you'll want to aim for an extra cup or two of water to prevent any headaches that may be caused. 

6. Injury prevention

Bones are made up of about 30 percent water, and therefore require proper hydration to work their best. Drinking enough water will help the bones to stay strong, which will decrease any chances of injuries like sprains, strains, and breaks. 

7. Preventing bad breath

One common sign of mild dehydration is foul odor to the breath. Water is needed for the mouth to create saliva, which is responsible for cleaning out the mouth after eating. Without enough saliva being created, more bacteria will stay and grow in the mouth, which will cause odor.  

8. Weight Loss

Sometimes thirst can be perceived as a sign of hunger. This happens because the part of the brain which interprets hunger and thirst is in the same area, causing a similar sensation. Drinking water can help you to suppress the sensation of hunger for some time. In addition, replacing sugary drinks with water will decrease the number of calories consumed during the day. 

9. Improving physical performance

Drinking enough water is especially important to anyone who regularly exercises, because the body will lose extra water, especially in the form of sweat. Maintaining good hydration will improve energy, balance, coordination, agility, as well as recovery. 

10. Managing anxiety and depression

Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on mental health. When the body feels unwell, your emotions and mental state will undoubtedly take a hit as well. Proper hydration helps to manage stress levels, which can already be challenging for people who deal with elevated anxiety or depression symptoms. Give your body and mind the best care you can, and start with the most basic yet necessary way- drinking water!


We hope some of these benefits of drinking water has motivated you to get the hydration that your body craves and needs, and to reach your personal version of EpitomeFit! For more information or guidance on living a healthier lifestyle, contact us today!

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